3 Jewelry Chain Design Ideas featuring GoodyBeads DIY Projects

DIY Projects featuring chain

Introduction to Chain

Chain doesn’t have to be bought in bulk! Sometimes all a design needs is a little texture, a little dangle, and a little metal. Also, chain isn’t just for necklaces! Oftentimes it is used as a backbone, which isn’t a bad thing, but it gets overlooked and underutilized. It is, in fact, a versatile staple in any jewelry design. To help get your creativity flowing, here are a few of our DIY Projects that use just a foot of chain.

Shoulder Sweeping Fringe Earrings

Shoulder Sweeping Fringe DIY Earrings

These earrings are truly shoulder sweeping, but they are also extra customizable. Use more or less of the chain, seed beads, or both to make them as short or as long as you’d like. This DIY looks complicated but if you’re a loop making pro, it will be a breeze. Three colors of seed beads add pops of color throughout the whole design. The best part about it is that the chain isn’t the star of the show but these earrings would be nothing without it! The extra little dangle adds a fun, complex look to the design, while still boasting a beginner skill level rating.

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Hinged Clasp Charm Bracelet

Hinged Clasp Charm DIY Bracelet

Bracelets and chain go together like hot fudge and sundaes. You can make bracelets with leather, ribbon, etc, but chain will always be the go to. In this DIY, we use chunky paperclip chain, which brings boldness and texture to this bracelet design. An awesome feature of this chain is that the links are not soldered together. Cutters are not necessary, just take pliers and twist open the links! Another chunky addition is the hinged clasp closure. Instead of a traditional lobster clasp or a more modern magnetic clasp, this hinged clasp is still easy to open but also adds a statement metal component to the mix!

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Heavy Metal Earrings

Heavy Metal DIY Earrings

While this DIY does use 2 feet of ornate chain, we wanted to highlight the real treat - silver triangle chain. (See? Chain can be fun and interesting!) This chain is made up of small linked triangle components and it might look intimidating to work with, but it is so fun to use. They can even be used as individual connectors. These earrings are simple yet edgy AND they are incredibly lightweight so don’t let the name fool you. An added bonus: this DIY uses GB Exclusives arched components from our Global Collection, so you can’t find it anywhere else!

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Here are some tips to keep your chain looking new and beautiful!

- When storing chain, use twist ties to bundle multiple chains together and prevent tangling.

- Don't wear chain while you sleep or shower! Longterm use can wear chain down faster.

- Use a fine needle to work out stubborn tangles or knots.

- Coconut oil won't tarnish the chain; it can help with getting knots out!


Now that you have some inspiration, try this fun challenge and see what you can come up with only using a foot of chain! We carry a variety of styles, sizes, colors and finishes, and shapes. Let us know what you make!