DIY Josephine Infinity Leather Knot Bracelet Tutorial

One of our recent popular requests is the leather knot bracelet using the Josephine infinity knot. We did a previous tutorial on a variation of the infinity knot. In our tutorial today, we’re using 5mm flat leather or as another option, two pieces of round leather.

What you’ll need:

Items used in bracelet example:

DIY Josephine Infinity Leather Knot Bracelet Instructions

Josephine Infinity Knot Tutorial

  1. Start with 2 pieces of 5mm leather at 12″ each or four pieces of 2mm round leather at 15″ each.
  2. Follow illustrated diagram to make knot.
  3. At the end, after you gently pull your ends to create your knot, slide on your slider beads through both leather cinch the knot in the middle.
  4. Measure the bracelet to desired length, making sure to center your knot. Cut leather with sharp shears or Xuron Shears.
  5. Add a small dab of Super New Glue to clasp channel and slide one side of your leather ends through. Repeat to other clasp end.
  6. Let it fully dry for a few hours before wearing!

You can also checkout this video tutorial clipped from our Facebook Live episode featuring Tory’s Birthday.

Tutorials starts at 10 minutes and 35 seconds.


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