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Goldstone 40x30 Rectangle Cabochon - CLEARANCE - CAB-GLD40X30REC


Clearance Priced!Goldstone is a manmade material, consisting of opaque rust to red glass with tiny flecks of glittering copper suspended within it. Goldstone was first created during the Italian Renaissance...

Iron Zebra Jasper 30x22 Rectangle Cabochon - CLEARANCE - CAB-IZJ30X22REC


Clearance Priced!Iron Zebra Jasper displays streaks or stripes of colors ranging from dark, rich browns and grays to lighter golden browns and creams. It has characteristics similar to Tiger Iron...

Blue Goldstone 40x30 Rectangle Cabochon - CLEARANCE - CAB-BGS40X30REC


Clearance Priced!Blue Goldstone is an opaque, midnight blue glass with flecks of copper suspended within it. These flecks glitter as they catch the light and may appear white against the...

Bronzite 30x22 Rectangle Cabochon - CLEARANCE - CAB-BRZ30X22REC


Clearance Priced!Bronzite is a brown stone with a bronze to colored metallic luster due to iron deposits within the stone. An orthoproxene mineral, it is believed to be a grounding...

MATTE Carnelian 30x22 Rectangle - CLEARANCE - CAB-MCR30X22REC


Clearance Priced!Carnelian is a glassy, translucent stone that can appear with such bright orange hues that the ancient Egyptians called it “the setting sun.” Most deep red Carnelian has been...

MATTE Onyx 30x22 Rectangle Cabochon - CLEARANCE - CAB-MOX30X22REC


Clearance Priced!Onyx is a black and white banded Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline Quartz. It is often thought of as an all to black stone, and much of the black Onyx on...

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