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African Sodalite 12mm Mala Bead - CLEARANCE - ASD12MAL


African Sodalite is named for its sodium content and may be classified as a feldspathoid. It is a brilliant to deep blue with white to gray inclusions. Sodalite is sometimes...

Tigereye 12mm Mala Bead - TGE12MAL


Tiger Eye is a macrocrystalline Quartz stone with bands of rich golds and browns. Its chatoyant layers that create a flash which seems to emanate from within the stone as...

Yellow Jade 12mm Mala Bead - YJD12MAL


Yellow Jade is not actually Jade, but a form of natural Serpentine which is commonly referred to as Yellow Jade in the stone industry. This semi to translucent stone occurs...

Unakite 12mm Mala Bead - UNA12MAL


Unakite is a granite composed of pink Feldspar and Epidote, creating a beautiful blend of pink and green in mottled patterns. The colors in this stone can range from pistachio...

Red Jasper 12mm Mala Bead - RED12MAL


Red Jasper is an aggregate of microcrystalline quartz and/or chalcedony and other minerals. The opaque stone’s red color is due to high iron content, while other impurities in the stone...

Rose Quartz 12mm Mala Bead - CLEARANCE - RQZ12MAL


Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal and one of the most common varieties of the Quartz family. It is a translucent to transparent stone with a soft pale pink...

Blue Goldstone 12mm Mala Bead - CLEARANCE - BGS12MAL


Blue Goldstone is an opaque, midnight blue glass with flecks of copper suspended within it. These flecks glitter as they catch the light and may appear white against the dark...

Mookaite 12mm Mala Bead - CLEARANCE - MKT12MAL


Mookaite is a variety of Jasper in colors of red, burgundy, pink, mauve, purple, yellow and white. It takes its name from Mooka Creek, near the Kennedy Ranges of Australia,...

Goldstone 12mm Mala Bead - GLD12MAL


Goldstone is a manmade material, consisting of opaque rust to red glass with tiny flecks of glittering copper suspended within it. Goldstone was first created during the Italian Renaissance when,...

LRG Bivalve Majunga Drilled Pendant (Dakota Stones Exclusive) 25-35x40mm Top Drill Bead - CLAM-LRG


Approximately 144 million to 206 million years old, this fossilized bivalve clam originates out of the Majunga Basin in Madagascar.

Denim Lapis 12mm Mala Bead - DEN12MAL


Denim Lapis has the brilliant blue and gold of higher end Lapis, as well as gray and white inclusions in marbled patterns. Lapis is highly regarded for its beautiful blue...

Fossil Jasper 12mm Mala Bead - FJR12MAL


Fossil Jasper is a creamy white to gray stone containing the fossilized remains of creatures millions of years old. These fossils create unique and beautiful patterns within the stone. Jasper...

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