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Purple Crazy Lace Agate 4mm Round 8-Inch - PCA4RD-8


Purple Crazy Lace Agate is actually Mexican Crazy Lace Agate that has been color enhanced with purple to bring out the beautiful patterns in the stone. Crazy Lace Agate is...

Fire Opal 4mm Round 8-Inch - CLEARANCE - FOP4RD-8


This Fire Opal contains both Opal and the rhyolitic host material in which it is formed, which provides sufficient hardness for the stone to be cut. The name “Fire Opal”...

BirdsEye Rhyolite 4mm Round 8-Inch - CLEARANCE - BER4RD-8


Bird’s Eye Rhyolite is named for its circular color formations of deep reds, light tans and earthtones. Rhyolite was named "streaming rock" because of its beautiful bands, bubbles and crystal-rich...

Fossil Coral 4mm Round 8-Inch - FJR4RD-8


Fossil Coral is the prehistoric fossilized remains of the invertebrate reef builders that live in tropical oceans. Silica to rich waters create hardened deposits that preserve coral skeletons, resulting in...

Agua Nueva 4mm Round 8-Inch - CLEARANCE - AGN4RD-8


Agua Nueva Agate is sourced from the Agua Nueva Ranch near Chihuahua City, Mexico. The stone ranges in hue from green, gold and lavender to earthy browns and rust reds,...

GoldStone 4mm Round 8-Inch - CLEARANCE - GLD4RD-8


Goldstone is a manmade material, consisting of opaque rust to red glass with tiny flecks of glittering copper suspended within it. Goldstone was first created during the Italian Renaissance when,...

MATTE Picture Jasper 4mm Round 8-Inch - CLEARANCE - PJR4RD-M-8


Picture Jasper is a form of brown Jasper characterized by its unique banding and flow patterns created by petrified or silicate mud and occasional dendritic inclusions. On cut or polished...

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